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  • ALERTFIRE Fire-Stop Car & Home Fire Extinguisher.

    Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹115.00.

    Key Features:

    • Suitable for cars and home use
    • Easy-to-use spray mechanism
    • Compact and portable design


    • Versatile use for cars and homes
    • User-friendly and compact
    • Easy to store and use


    • Limited capacity
    • Single unit only

    Perfect for: Individuals needing a versatile and compact fire extinguisher for both car and home use.

  • ALTON ALD760, ABS Dual Flow Aerator with Adjustable Joint

    Original price was: ₹1,200.00.Current price is: ₹299.00.

    About this item

    • Material: ABS, Finish: Chrome, Size: 22mm Female and 24mm Male
    • Package Content: 1-Piece Female Aerator, 1-Piece Male Connector
    • 2 Water Flow Design – Soft Bubble Stream(1.8GPM) and Strong Sprayer Shower(1.8GPM)
    • 360-Degree Twist and Rotate Swiveling with Big Angle.
    • Fit Most of the Sink Faucet, But Not all, So please check the faucet size first before order.
  • ALTON ASP7221 ABS, 6-Function Overhead Shower

    Original price was: ₹2,400.00.Current price is: ₹1,198.00.

    About this item

    • Material Type: ABS | Item Shape: Round
    • Setting Type: Mist & Massage | Diameter: 5-inch
    • Included Components: 1 Piece | Warranty: 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defect
    • Special Feature 1: Touch Clean Nozzle
    • Special Feature 2: High-power Click Lever Dial Rub-clean Jets
  • BonKaso ABS Plastic Automatic Touchless Water Saving Faucet for Kitchen Taps

    Original price was: ₹4,599.00.Current price is: ₹2,999.00.

    About this item

    • Dual Sensor Aerator
  • Dolphy Smart Touchless Automatic Motion Sensor

    Original price was: ₹4,999.00.Current price is: ₹2,667.00.

    About this item

    • TOUCHLESS FAUCET ADAPTER: An ordinary faucet is easily transformed into a smart device. You only need to replace the original faucet aerator with smart faucet adapter,and you can have a touchless auto-run faucet in your kitchen. Just reach out your hand and the water will flow out, no longer need to manually repeat switching faucets. It allows hands-free multi tasking and avoid bacterial contamination for a more hygienic and convenient kitchen solution.
    • TWO SENSING MODES: Bottom and side sensors,two different sensing modes, just 0.1 seconds to use water easily. SENSITIVE OPERATION: Upper motion sensor for continuous running water automatically, wave to your hand over the sensor to start/stop the flow of water. Lower sensor activated only when objects within sensory area
    • EASY INSTALLATION: It only designed for standard type of kitchen faucet with M22 ,M24 & G1/2 thread nozzle. You can actually do the installation by yourself, simply unscrew original one and screw it on to transform your kitchen. USB Charging:it use a USB cable to charge, the battery life is about 6 month,if it is not used for a long time please charge it within 6 months in case the battery uses up. Scratch-Proof, IPX 6 Waterproof.【NOTE】 : Charging Cable And Adapter (Not Including)
    • ECONOMICAL: It uses an aerated stream system to save water while boosting flow. Accurately sensing and starting the water, Time-up protections will turn off automatically within 3 minutes to prevent children or pets from accidentally entering the sensor area and wasting water. With its water control system, autowater helps to save your expenses on water.
    • NOTE : This is a sensor equipped electronics products, so we are check this products from our side with water and then after we will dispatch it to our customer, so, if products comes with little water drop inside this dispenser is not means to used products, it means this is qc checked products , for any technical issue and query please contact dolphy customer support.
  • Eco Fire Dry Chemical Powder (DCP) Type Fire Extinguisher 4KG

    Original price was: ₹3,950.00.Current price is: ₹1,789.00.

    • Key Features:
      • 4KG capacity
      • Dry Chemical Powder (DCP) type
      • Effective on Class A, B, and C fires
      • Wall mount included


      • Large capacity for bigger fires
      • Versatile use for different types of fires
      • Comes with a wall mount for easy access


      • Bulkier and heavier than smaller extinguishers
      • More expensive

      Perfect for: Homeowners and small businesses needing a reliable and versatile fire extinguisher with a larger capacity.


  • ECO FIRE, Fire Extinguisher Ball with Stand (150 mm Diameter)1PC

    Original price was: ₹2,990.00.Current price is: ₹1,250.00.

    Check latest price on Amazon Key Features:

    • Fire extinguisher ball
    • 150 mm diameter
    • Comes with a stand
    • Automatic activation


    • Easy to use with automatic activation
    • Covers a wide area
    • Comes with a stand for easy placement


    • Single-use only
    • Needs proper placement for effective use

    Perfect for: Homeowners looking for an innovative and easy-to-use fire extinguisher that covers a wide area with automatic activation.


  • fire Extinguisher 500ml Safety for Cars, Kitchen and House. Pack of 1

    Original price was: ₹1,500.00.Current price is: ₹209.00.

    Key Features:

    • 500ml capacity
    • Suitable for cars, kitchens, and homes
    • Portable and lightweight


    • Lightweight and portable
    • Easy to use and store
    • Affordable


    • Small capacity
    • Not suitable for larger fires

    Perfect for: People looking for a lightweight and portable fire extinguisher for quick and easy use in cars, kitchens, and homes.

  • Fire Stop Car and Home Fire Extinguisher (Pack of 2)


    Key Features:

    • Pack of 2 fire extinguishers
    • Suitable for cars and home use
    • Compact and easy to store
    • Simple spray mechanism


    • Economical pack of 2
    • Versatile for various environments
    • Easy to use


    • Limited capacity for larger fires
    • Not suitable for commercial use

    Perfect for: Individuals looking for an economical and versatile fire extinguisher solution for both their car and home.

  • Hoard 0.5W Led Plug in Smart Night Lamp with Automatic Sensor

    Original price was: ₹400.00.Current price is: ₹284.00.

    About this item

    • 💡【Lighting Sensor】The night light comes with a sensitive light sensor to detect the current ambient light level. Intelligently adjusts itself throughout the night. the brightness of night lights will be different under different lighting environments. the darker the environment, the brighter the night light It’s a better guiding light.
    • 💡【Exact Brightness】Not too bright, not to dim, just the right amount of light to see where you are going in the dark, Allows you to get up at night, get some water, use the restroom and return to bed without turning on any main lights.
    • 💡【Energy Saving】The sensor night light uses 4pcs super bright LED, no bulb replacement, 12hrs each day, Less than 30 cents cost for annual power consumption. Probably not even enough to make any movement of your power meter.
    • 💡【Widely Applications】It is perfect for Kid’s Room, Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Hallway, Stairways, Corridor and anywhere you need a guiding light.
    • 💡【Satisfied Service】If you’re ready to stop walking in the dark and start easily moving through your home, check out Sujeet night light plug in is your good choice it have 6 Month Warrenty .
  • IFITech IFIADPTCAM 1080P USB Charger Type Hidden Camera

    Original price was: ₹4,500.00.Current price is: ₹1,290.00.

    About this item

    • [Only SD Card Recording, No WiFi & No Live View]: The IFITech 1080P HD Hidden Charger Camera can be discreetly placed for surveillance of Home Security, Offices and Shop. It’s very easy to use, This Camera smartly detect motion using its 70° viewing angle and simultaneously records HD Video and that can viewed on a computer using a USB cable or card reader. (USB cable comes with camera). The facility to charge mobile is an add-on.
    • [1080P Video Clarity]: IFITech USB Charger Camera record real 1080P HD video with a 70° wide angle of view and this camera looks like a small one phone charger adapter, no one can notice that it’s a camera.
    • [Two Recording modes]: Mode 1-Continuous Recording [L]: Camera will keep recording on the SD Card, if the SD card storage fills up, camera will automatically overwrite the oldest recorded videos with new. Mode 2-Motion Based Recording [M]: Camera will record only when it detects motion in front of it within 6-8 feet, thus saving the storage space of SD Card. Note: Camera record multiple videos, of each file is of 5-minute duration.
    • [Data Protection]: No Wi-Fi connectivity, no Apps with monthly fees or hidden ads, and data doesn’t transfer to a third-party server, or access from anyone. All videos are saved directly to the SD card (SD Card need to be installed before using).
    • [Easy to use]: The plug & play surveillance charger camera supports FAT32 format SD card and requires no prior setting. Just Insert FAT32 Formatted SD card into the camera and plug in the camera to power socket or power bank to start video recording. The video content recorded on the SD card can be viewed by connecting by USB cable (USB Cable included) into a PC/Laptop Or with OTG connector to Smartphone (OTG connector Not included).
  • MinuteToCleanIt Iron Flat Mop for Floor Cleaning

    Original price was: ₹2,499.00.Current price is: ₹1,999.00.

    About this item

    • Effortless Magic Squeeze: Introducing MinuteToCleanIt easy squzze microfiber flat mop with built in spray, this mop redefines squeezing with a revolutionary push and pull design. Picture this: your mop effortlessly squeezes itself, making excess water a thing of the past. Experience the joy of hands-free squeezing, turning your cleaning routine into a delightful dance rather than a chore. This is versatile cleaning tool that combines the advantages of a water spray, squzzing and a flat mop.
    • Precision Cleaning Across All Surfaces: Versatility at its finest! Our mop adapts to every surface – marble, tiles, glass, wood, or concrete. The slim design helps to use mop into tight spaces, with best-in-class clearance of 5 CM, it can go under sofa, near all corners and other tight spaces giving best satisfaction of thorough and versatile cleaning. The toothbrush-style scraper helps to clear hairs, dirt, and small dust particles with precision.
    • Precision magic sprayer: Your cleaning, your way! With inbuilt liquid storage, MinuteToCleanIt Spray Mop empowers you to personalize your cleaning solution. Imagine a mop that sprays exactly what you need, where you need it. You Can add, glass cleaner for cleaning glass, Floor cleaner liquid, handwash for removing oil, or even an essential oil and water for giving an awesome fragrance in your home. Spray as per your choice, clean as per your choice!!
    • 360-Degree Freedom of Cleaning: Say hello to cleaning liberation! MinuteToCleanIt introduces a 360-degree rotation capability, turning cleaning into an adventure. Glide effortlessly under furniture, spin to reach vertical surfaces – cleaning becomes a joyous task. Imagine navigating every nook and cranny with a grin on your face. Be it vertical cleaning of surfaces like, glass, mirror, wall, tiles or horizontal cleaning of any floor type, this mop can handle it all.
    • Gentle Cleaning with Superior Microfiber: A soft touch for effective results! Crafted from superior microfiber material, MinuteToCleanIt provides a gentle yet powerful cleaning experience. Let the high-quality material work its magic, ensuring effective dirt and grime removal. Your floors, glass, walls and surfaces will thank you with an awesome cleaning and pampered feel.
    • Ballet-Inspired Efficient Spray Mechanism: Efficiency with a touch of elegance! The integrated water tank with liquid capacity of 200 Ml eliminates the need for a separate source. Open the lid, fill it up – continuous and efficient cleaning is at your fingertips. The ergonomic handle and easy trigger mechanism orchestrate a ballet of mist, making your cleaning routine as graceful as a dancer’s performance.
    • Tidy Spaces, Happy Faces: End your cleaning with organization! MinuteToCleanIt isn’t just a mop; it’s a tidy companion. Hang it on a wall with the convenient hole in the mop bar, ensuring it’s always within reach, or you can just make it stand in any corner. Imagine a neatly hung mop or a standing mop on its own, ready for action when duty calls. It’s the grand finale in the cleaning symphony, leaving you with a sense of accomplishment and a tidy, clutter-free space.


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